So If I Can’t Buy Success Can I At Least Train For It?

So if I can’t buy success can I at least train for it?

Well, I guess the answer to the above question is… What do YOU deem to be success?.

It’s just over 9 months now till the World Field Target Championships in Wales and I bet every serious FT competitor in the land would love to win it, but just what does it take to be world champion at anything?

I guess the best person to ask about that would be Little Jack but in his absence let’s consider a few things that we normal human beings can think about to help us on our way to the FT goal we desire.

Firstly let’s consider Natural Talent. I do believe that everybody is a “ natural” at something even though many of us probably never find out exactly what it is that we are a natural at. I’m not saying that Jack doesn’t work hard at what he does to achieve the level of consistency that he does but who would deny that the boy has a natural talent for what he does. Some people could shoot all day every day for the rest of their lives and never be as good as Jacks Harris and I’m afraid that’s just a fact of life.

How about inheriting talent or genetics? Well, I’m not a believer in just because your dad was a crack marksman in the 2nd world war then you’ve got a given right to expect to be a field target ace. To prove my point let’s look at FT’s friend and fellow scribe Martin Calpin and bloodline relative Andy. Andy fits in the natural talent bracket and that’s not to take away the years of dedication and practice to reach his level. As for Martin well you would think he was adopted into the Calpin family, wouldn’t you? (You Cheeky Tw*t, 30yrs shooting makes a difference versus 2.5yrs – You’re Fired!)

On a serious note Martin is the reason why I wanted to write about this subject because right now he has undertaken the number one step to being successful at anything, he has set a realistic goal and has devised a well thought out and dedicated regime to help him obtain that goal. Martin wants to progress from B grade to A grade by the start of the GP series and many of you will have seen his early morning training sessions on social media. Because Martins goal is within reach and we know that training will bring improvement I have no doubt that he will achieve his aim.

So, in my opinion, it’s all about setting an achievable goal whatever that may be for you. Break your objective down into achievable bite size pieces. Be honest and identify your weaknesses, I bet most of us know that it’s the disciplines that often set us aside from the FT elite so when you devise your training regime ensure that it concentrates on the areas your weakest at. If you’re poor at standers then practice them what is the point in shooting off the bag in a training session if you’re already good at that?

I also think that the best type of training is Competition so if your practising standers, for example, try and have a little best out of five with a mate or say to yourself I’m not going home until I have hit 10 in a row. How many of us can hit the 30 yarders all day in practice but put a scorecard in your hand or a stop watch and it all goes down the pan.

A step further than just shooting techniques is preparation training which includes making sure your kit is as good as it can be and working to its optimum. We all know that if something negative gets in your head then your as good as done. Have a pre-shoot process that includes everything from checking every pellet to ensuring your clothing is right for the job in hand.

I guess in summary our goal should be to be the best we can be not the next Jack Harris. I’m sure that if anybody sets a realistic goal and has the willpower and self-discipline to reach it they can and will. Just remember there is practice (plinking) and proper practice (training) and only one will lead to an improvement.

Let’s see over the next few months if Martin can get out of B grade, my money is that he will. My personal goal is to be AA by the end of the 2017 season and I know that is going to take some doing but I’ve just watched my baby daughter learn to walk taking baby steps and that’s just how I am going to set my plan out.

Happy and safe shooting to you all.