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All the latest photographs from Field Target around the UK.

NEFTA W/L 7 Redfearns 2018

No gun means I've only got the camera to use, the weather was shocking but I got a bit more time to work with...

MFTA W/L 6 Dowry Hill

Not much shooting for me this weekend at all but here are some pictures from Dowry Hill, the course looked fantastic, just like Phil's card!

NEFTA W/L 6 Anston 2018

It's never easy at Anston, ever but that course was the right side of long with the weather. Here are my pictures from the...

Anston Champs 2017 Gallery

A few pictures from the afternoon at Anston Champs, first time I've seen a lens fog up with the cold temps.

NEFTA W/L 5 Emley Moor 2017

It may have been a long course but it was perfect for the weather and that's what it's all about.

MFTA W/L 4 Purley Chase 2017

Strange day at Purley but here are a few pictures from the rather windy day.

NEFTA W/L 4 Keighley 2017

A tricky old day at the office for me, wish I'd stayed in bed performance wise, in fact, I think I did!

MFTA W/L 3 Greyhound 2017

A very tough day at The Greyhound, that could have easily passed a GP course. Having to shoot into the sun with the camera...

NEFTA W/L 3 Pontefract 2017

Nice well-balanced course for the weather, made a welcome change. Again, there are a few repeats in here while I learn more about the...

MFTA Harriers W/L 2 2017

Classic Bobby Banks course, very long with easy standers and about 10 targets short of being a GP.