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If it's not Phil and I chatting then it's the latest field target videos from around the world.

Grand Prix 1: Redfearns By British Field Target

Great to see BFT back on the circuit again, another great video of the day.

Grand Prix 1: Redfearns 2018 By Andy Mason

Andy is back at work capturing the day for us all, it's great to remember which ones you've missed, I think.

The BFTA Inter-Regionals 2018

Another video from the BFTA Inter-Regionals from Colin.

The BFTA Inter-Regionals 2018

One of my favourite competitions and we had a great turn out for this one. Thanks to Andy for the video.

The BFTA Championship 2018

A testing day at Anston for The BFTA Championship, just enough wind to catch you. Here's Andy's video of the day.

SEFTA FT Showdown 2018

The end of the SEFTA winter league draws to a close culminating with the FT Showdown hosted at ETL. It's a fast-paced shooting format with only 1 minute to range and shoot two targets per lane. The competition is a knock out format with the best of all the matches going forward to the next round until finally only two are left for the final. The Plate competition is for those knocked out in the first round to fight it out for the Plate Championship.

SEFTA Winter League 2018/8 Round 8

March 18th and the final round of the SEFTA winter League at Springfield FTC. It's fitting that the final fixture is after the latest...

PJBRC 2018 Video From Andy

Great video from Andy for the PJBRC 2018 Event. Looks way colder than it actually was!

TwangCam For PJBRC 2018

TwangCam is back, nice work Steve, just look at that mist!

SEFTA W/L 7 Iceni 2018

Round 7 and SEFTA's finest are battling it out in the sunny but chilly Iceni woods. The many dinks echoing around the wintery glades were...