The BFTA Masters 2016

The BFTA Masters is one of my favourite formats, 2 x 30 target courses you can shoot at your leisure, I’m surprised we don’t see this format more as it’s really worth travelling for, I love it. I think I must have shot every single inch of Emley Moor FTC but it always has me over, there’s always tricky wind and really odd convergence points but I love it.

Got the gun and scope to temperature and had a couple of really good sessions on the plinker, I was a little bit low but decided I’d add a couple of clicks rather that turn the power up. I was ready for this, after my lacklustre performance at Castle the week before I was ready for a good session.

I partnered up with Richard Shepherd and hit the White Course with a vengeance, let’s have it! Lane 1 at Emley always involves a long target, it’s standard. Unfortunately what’s also standard is the wind and changeable weather. The wind was whipping of the field on the first target, I gave it a shed load but it wasn’t enough, dink.

Masters White Course #pelletonpellet #fieldtarget

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What followed was a load of very close splits, of which none of them went down, gutting. While Rich my lane partner had the FT Gods on his side, everything went do for him, dink, dink and crash went the target. I came off with just 17 but that was one tough course in the pouring rain, so easy to come off with a grade buster.

After a quick break, we went back out to compete on the Yellow Course, not sure what happened between the two course but something was up. After just 10 targets and only hitting 1 I knew I had a problem, I’d just missed a 37yd full kill! It was so frustrating, I couldn’t see anything landing and even after wasting two shots I was none the wise. So, I ended the Yellow course with a DNF, my first ever!

Bad Day #pelletonpellet #fieldtarget

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There’d be loads of great scores coming in though, Doz had put in two fantastic 29’s to take first place. Great to see him get a win after having a bit of bad luck in The Worlds. Well done Doz.

Doz, Masters Champion

Look at that grin for the clear.
Look at that grin for the clear.
The shoot off for 2nd to 6th was full of The Anston Massive with Andy and Simon both clearing the courses, that’s some mega shooting in those conditions I can tell you, I wouldn’t have done that if I’d gone around 3 times. It was a close run affair but Si dug in and pulled it out of the bag, what a season he’s having.

Well done everyone and thanks to all the staff at Emley for working their magic. Big thanks to all the BFTA crew for the tireless work they put into making shoots happen. I went home wet but happy, tomorrow was another day and I was going to kick some ass in the Showdown.