Dave Harrison’s Memorial Shoot

It’s a long drive to Harriers from ours but I’d shot around with Dave a few times so it was time to pay some respect to the fella by making the effort. I treated Phil to some Motown and watched his bobble head slip in and out of a coma all the way down, you know the score by now!

The weather looked like rain and the wind is shipped in from Millride at Harriers so I knew this was going to be a tough one because it always is. That said there was a great turn out for Dave and after a few words and a minutes silence we kicked off. I started on Lane 2 with Stuart Hancox, he was shooting the new Daystate Tsar, a good chance to see it in action and get the full Stuart Hancox Experience! It’s very loud 🙂 1 more than 10 I’d say!

The first two went but Bobby scored a miss in the next lane and Stuart gave him the “Donkey Call”, of the course Bobby bit down on it, so the fun and games lasted the whole shoot. I showed Stuart the double dink dance after he went low on two. I missed the small 15mm and then struggled with the wind for the rest of the course. This wasn’t The Motown Experience (Too Much, Too Litte, Double Dink) this was a pure never enough kind of day. Off the plate and it still missed kind of day!

Stuart With The Tsar

Came off with a 25 and was lucky to get that, the wind was blowing and switching all the time, you really had to be on your toes. It was worth the effort to say a final goodbye to Dave and have a good laugh with the lads.

Gilly managed to put in a mega score of 39, incredible shooting in that weather, so well done to him and well done to everyone who put on the event, all those that turned up and helped raise £600 for charity.

Dave's Memorial Shoot, Harriers.

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