Castle MFTA W/L 1 2016

I think I’ve spent more time at Castle than Anston this month, practice time is thin on the ground these days!

Nothing ever looks too hard at Castle when you walk around but the wind at this place is well sneaky. Today was no different really, just enough that when you stayed on the man edge to blow you over. It’s one of my goals to get a PB at Castle but today wasn’t going to be that day.

MFTA Winter League Castle

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It all started well, then a double dink on the standers, closely followed by a miss range on a dark target. I’d missed a few on Saturday between 37-47yds, all low, so I need to do some work on that and check things out midweek to fix that.

Ozzy was still clear so I did my best to step up as we entered the dreaded M1 corner, not only is there always loads of wind here when it doesn’t look like but the sun also belts out through the trees to give you some excellent white out courtesy of Sightron. Too late for me and even Ozzy dropped 3, came off with a 70% and while Ozzy said I’d improved a great deal since last time, I knew I could have easily done a 35, gutted.

It's all over #pelletonpellet #fieldtarget #bfta

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