Keighley NEFTA W/L 1 2016

I’ve only shot at Keighley once before and I remember the wind giving me a really hard time but that’s nothing new, what was new this time was the new section of the grounds Keighley had opened up for the competition. The work that had gone into doing this must have taken forever and been back breaking. So a mega well done to Keighley for all the work, I really appreciated it.

NEFTA Winter League 1

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Everybody knows NEFTA’s courses are some of the toughest in UK and I’m not talking about length/distance here but mostly target placement. When you see a target at 32yds in NEFTA it’s not a gimmie, there has to be a reason it’s there! I started on Lane 5 and nailed both targets and carried on doing well until we turned the corner into the more exposed and uphill area, some cracking OXO action followed by double dinking Lanes 15 and 1. A trio of bad wobbles and not staying on the gun cost me dearly but I had a great time at Keighley but it looks like another tough season ahead for this bandit.

Winter League 1 Result

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