Anston NEFTA W/L 2 2016

A Winter League at home means 3 things to me, no practice on Saturday due to helping with the course, our Andy barking orders from the firing line and struggling on your home ground.

I swear when Andy gets put in an old people’s home he’d tell the nurse feeding him that she’s putting it in the wrong hole and at the wrong speed, mind you she’d probably be using a shovel with the amount he eats!

Saturday went well and the course looked pretty good really, just before we left I went down the woods to make a video and was followed by Andy with a screw gun type thing that I use to round screw heads off apparently. This means only one thing, more changes and 1hr later I think we’d finally done. I’m not sure why I agreed to help make the course harder but I did.

Anston Saturday

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While the course did look long on Saturday, often when you’re sat down you find out it’s not as long as you first thought, this was the case. It didn’t help mind, low on first two and the wind going the opposite way to the end of the gun and not the usual way it travels in that part of the woods, welcome to Anston indeed!

I knew if I was struggling at the start, the corner of the woods would do me in, lack of practice this year means I will probably miss my goal of getting out of B Grade and with Ian Taylor and Dylan Varny both sticking in 29’s on the AM session. It’s another lesson in busting my grade coupon. I started adding clicks on anything over 45yds and did my best to work out what the wind was doing.

As we worked our way down to the corner of the woods I knew I had to pick my game up and I did before I hit another band of whatever you’re thinking is wrong Martin, I couldn’t catch a cold on some of the lanes. I swear I should learn from what I did at the Showdown and stop overthinking every single target. I hit just as many and that’s with 10 targets less!

The wind was just impossible to work out at times for me, after a couple of chats with Keith about the ones we’d hit where we’d both done something completely different I gave up asking and just did my best, which wasn’t enough.

Pretty unsatisfying 18 when I should be hitting 21 and above easily, gutted.

Anston Done

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Practice, Practice and More Practice.

Full Results Are Here