Greyhound MFTA W/L 3 2016

Sunday at the Greyhound looked perfect, a little humid but little to no wind, I was hoping for a PB. Did my walk of the ground and took some photographs, getting a bit better with the camera and settings, still need to work on focus points but really pleased with the results. The pictures are so much better than with my happy snapper and it’s great to so the sport in full technicolour, it deserves it.

Greyhound 1

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Dropped on the range with Phil, checked my zero, all good, so out to the back boards. I was getting the backboard in at 53yds but the gun was dropping an inch low, checked with a few others and the average was about 54yds. Checked the power on the gun, 760FPS. Right, time to turn it up to the magic number of 777. Got there and was still dropping a bit low so decided to just add some clicks on anything over 45yds. Andy Watkins was having similar problems at the side of me but he was going both high and then low.

Lane 2 with Andy, good draw, Andy has to be one of the most improved shooters in the MFTA and he’s a great lad so this was going to be a good afternoon’s shooting. I pretty much matched Andy target for target, I missed the long rabbit through the tunnel for wind and missed the long stander before heading into the woods. Andy was still going strong but I dropped low on the next two and that’s where the wheels fell off. There was no real wind to speak of but I’d hit 8 the 5 and the 3 O’clock, I defiantly wobbled on a couple but the drops low had me seriously puzzled.

What should have been a PB turned into an average score of 28, Andy on the other hand only missed 1 for a mega 39.


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Time for me to hit the range, double check my numbers and check the strings. Gutted.