Pontefract NEFTA W/L 3 2016

This week has not gone well really, perhaps changing my rail midweek wasn’t the brightest idea I’ve had this year but I needed to see if it was the existing rail/mounts that were causing my zero shift 3 times out of 5 that I got the gun out of the bag. Plus, I did want to try a high rail to get more comfort on the gun.

Johno at AJP had one in stock, so I razzed over on Tuesday to pick it up and Johno let me have it to try first, that’s what I like about the Field Target, someone is always there to help you, cheers Johno.

With the rail on, all I had to do was get down to the range and put some work in to get all the clicks at 7am. I managed to get 3 mornings in and most of the clicks sorted, I figured I do the rest on Saturday morning as it was freezing.


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I couldn’t have been more wrong, it was blowing a proper gale all Saturday, so I went through a couple of firing cycles, I noticed I wasn’t getting many shots per fill, just over 50. That would be enough for a NEFTA competition but it’s still not ideal.

Over the Chrono I was still getting the odd shot dropping really low, so 780/781/783 and then 730, as I’ve mentioned in other posts I’ve been dropping low on the odd target. I missed two at Greyhound around the 40-47yd mark and I knew for a fact it wasn’t me wobbling. The rail had solved the zero problems but there was still something not right.

Windy Miller

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Dropped on the range at Ponty, loaded the gun and CLICK. I thought I’d left the safety on but no, shit the gun was empty! Filled her up and did 10 shots and left her alone for 30 minutes before dropping on the 50yd board. 6” low! Back to the car to fill up, there was only 80 bar left in the gun, FFS!

Filled back up and everything was OK but I was losing about 25 bar every 15 minutes, there was only one way I was going to make it around the course and that was with an air bottle in tow. John Gray lent me his small bottle onto lane 5 I went.

Ponty is a strange ground, whatever you think the wind is doing it isn’t, it can be blowing left to right on the gun but right to left on the target. I missed the first long on at 3 O’Clock dang but nailed the second one. Next lane had a reducer at a distance I didn’t have clicks for so I just guessed, low right and then I missed the next one. Dang!

Got to admit I wasn’t in the best frame of mind to start with and I was close to jacking in but Andy talked me out of it. Missed the long stander with a split but got the close one, that cheered me up a bit, I decided to stick it out and just not look at my card. Whatever my score was Phil was doing much worse, watched him hit just 3 out of 20 targets, I’ve no idea what he does but I’m bored of lecturing him on clicks, ranging, snatching and cant.


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I did OK on the rest of the targets but I knew it wasn’t the 21 I need, filling the gun up every six shots wasn’t helping me much but that’s the way it goes. The only good thing on Sunday was Nick Murphy said he’d have a look at my gun for me but couldn’t promise anything, probably the best news I’d had all day, I just hope it’s better news midweek.

Feels odd not having a gun to practice with and not shooting a weekend, been a couple of years since that happened.