Harriers MFTA W/L 4 2016

Well, that didn’t go exactly to plan but you know what I had a great time at Harriers. Loads of the lads saying they didn’t come out of the kill and there was no wind! If that was the case I’m not sure why so many people were shaking their heads and no one cleared it!

Harriers #pelletonpellet #fieldtarget #bfta

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Zero wind wasn’t my findings at all, OK so I wasn’t giving much on the first couple of lanes but I only missed one before heading back up to lane 1. The job of matching Gilly was going to be a hard job but I was going to give it a go.

I hit the long one but the 25mm 34yd reducer defiantly had wind on it, gave it 10mm left and out it popped on the right another 10mm so I’ve no idea about people claiming they went straight down the piehole on everything. It was a fairly long course and just about right for the weather though so it was great practice with the gun all fixed up, Gunny shot like a dream and although I missed a fair few the height was right on all but one set of clicks.

Harriers 2

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So, not the result I was looking for but a new practice regime is in place and I got plans to crawl out of B Grade if it kills me. I’ve got 6% to find before the Grand Prix’s.