Who Are Our Audience? & Future Formats

OK, so in the last article we talked about a lot of things but in this one, I just want to talk about who our audience actually is and the Field Target Format.

You often hear people lament about there not being enough youngsters involved in Field Target but I don’t think they are actually our target audience and never have been.

Most magazines and manufacturers love pictures of youngsters taking part, sport for all, and all that but it’s only smoke and mirrors, you can count the number of youngsters involved in Field Target in the UK on one hand so let’s not kid ourselves (see what I did there, I’m here all week!).

Our target audience is clearly 35-55yrs olds, who doesn’t mind spending a bit of money on kit. I recently wrote a piece for the AirGun World magazine about cheap entry point guns and scopes, it went down well but at the back of my head I was screaming “Sod getting an S400 and a Falcon T50, don’t fanny about just buy an EV2 and a Sightron”. There’s little to no point getting something that will only last you a couple of months before you need to upgrade and most guns hold their money anyway.

I guess another myth is people won’t spend that much on kit but I know for a fact that’s wrong, most new people would happily drop 1K on new kit and while you can’t buy targets you can certainly buy the best chance of hitting them.

Someone once told me “be careful what you wish for” but I just wished them dead and carried on anyway. 🙂

In a way, they are partly right , the format of shooting that Field Target uses couldn’t take a sudden influx of shooters. At NEFTA shoots each session is always packed and it takes nearly 3hrs to shoot 30 targets. I suppose you could put people on clocks but the Winter League is supposed to be a bit more leisurely.

So what happens if 50 new shooters appear and want to shoot? Are we using a format that isn’t capable of expanding?

If you’d like a further example, The Worlds! What would we do if say 70 countries wanted to take part? All 3 sessions for me at the Worlds in Portugal lasted between 6-8hrs, with 560 shooters you’d be out of daylight before the second sitting could finish, this actually happened this year but I feel that was more down to a late start and the longest morning brief ever!

Maybe it’s something we don’t need to worry about but it’s certainly something to ponder about the future of the sport going forward.