York NEFTA W/L 4 2016 Report

I was buzzing for today, time to see if all the hard work had paid off. If I could just keep my cool and finally put the theory into practice. The weather report looked really grim but we set off driving anyway, come what may, I was shooting.

York is a great ground that I’ve only shoot a couple of times before, it’s a massive pine wood sandwiched between a couple of fields that the wind loves to whip off in all directions. The wind was howling when we got there, you can hear it clearly in this video.


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It seemed that no-one except Gav Hopps was having a good time on the AM session, loads of shaking of heads and meerkat glances of bemusement as they came up from the gun. I took my pictures and went off to check what the gun was doing, it was pretty cold so I was wondering if I’d be seeing a 10-15 FPS drop but nope, nothing. What I was seeing at 50yds was a difference between nothing and 2 kills, the line was perfect though so time to practice some 35yd kneelers.

Because of the poor weather reports in the morning it seemed like everyone had elected to shoot the second session, the morning session finished around 11am so that was a big loss to my expected practice time but hey ho and all that.

I Dropped on Lane 13, unlucky for some, but I got one of the luckiest splits ever, I reckon 90% of the pellet hit low left, get in! I was shooting around with Robbo and Neil, so I knew the standards would be high and hoped I could step up to them, secretly I wanted to stuff Robbo again but he’s found some form of late.

I was doing really well until we hit the bottom left-hand corner of the woods, only 3 down with the one set of standers and the kneelers done. The wind was switching on this section and every shot felt a bit like a gamble, dropped another 5 and all in a row, gutted. Neil said that I needed to clear the corner lane but I dropped another, 9 down! I had a PB in my hands and let it slip away but I wasn’t going to get the face on. This was a pretty hard course mind, I think I only counted one target under 35yds (excluding disciplines and reducers) and in this weather, they were all thinkers.

Two standers next, I needed them both and they both went, I was absolutely made up. I think that’s the first time I’ve nailed all the standers on a NEFTA course! Neil needed the last four to clear the course, a 50yd target at an angle to the wind, Robbo and I watched on. Dink, we both thought he’d missed, it definitely sounded like a single dink and then the target dropped. We all burst out laughing, he just got it in at 3 O’clock, jammy git (cough/cough). We all cleared the last two, so mega shooting from Neil, I was happy to walk away with 21 but I knew I could have had a PB today.
Neil Hague

York 2

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