Is Field Target An Arms Race?

Do you know what they say about a fool and his money? But hang on a minute…

They say in Field Target that you can’t buy targets. I disagree, what you can buy is your best chance of hitting a target. Sure you don’t need a 3K gun and scope but if that’s your thing, so be it. I’ve always loved old and tired agreement that an S400 is just as good with a Falcon T50 on top because it nearly always made by someone who shoots neither. It sounds more like a Tory policy to me, make do you chuffnut!

Field Target has always embraced technology as well as all the advances being made and so it should if it wants to remain a forward thing sport. Sure, there are plenty of examples of people who shoot old gear very well and it is true that you don’t need to drop 3K on a rig. But what do you do when you are at the top of your game and just need those extra targets? You don’t go back to an RN10 and Big Nikko Mark I that’s for sure. You be amazed by some of those most vocal about the above and what they actually shoot, many dropping 1.5K on just a piece of laminate! There have been some amazing advancements been made, you’d have to be a bit of a Luddite to ignore them or a walking paradox.

I know a well known NEFTA shooter who spent years mocking people in Gimp Jackets to suddenly appear in one, I asked him why the sudden change of mind and his reply didn’t surprise me at all. He was fed up with being the bridesmaid at comps and just needed that extra couple of targets but as the gun and scope were both bang on it was his last resort to try and gain a few more targets.

Everyone knows I love data (No, not him off Star Trek) and technology, it’s part of who I am and what I do. I don’t think Field Target makes enough use of the data we have but even I know that you can’t replace practice with a spreadsheet. In fact, I’ve never believed that, I know for a fact that the less I practice the worse I get, sure, there’s a lucky day in there every now and again but nothing beats practice and more practice.

Myself, I’m not a big gear chaser and my one treat was buying an FWB 800X because I promised myself that if I stuck at it and got out of C Grade I’d buy one because I’ve always loved the looks, lines and adjustability. Although I’ve had a few guns I’m pretty much the guy with one gun and one scope, having more guns and scopes I never use seems a bit pointless to me because when I did own several guns they never got used at all.

Did my gun buy me any targets? No, for a while I did much worse with it because of the lack of practice and time spent getting the right fit but now I feel like I’m turning a corner because the gun finally feels like mine, it’s finally all clicked. Have I had any fewer problems, no but then I’m out every weekend so I did expect a few problems, all guns have them.

So, is Field Target an Arms Race? No, it’s just grown up, dragged itself out of the 1970’s Working Men’s Club and into the 21st Century and it’s not going back in the box.