Far Coley MFTA 5 W/L 2016 Report

So the practice was all in place and I’d done better at York so, in theory, I should smash it at Far Coley, right! I’d had a good day practising on Saturday, the gun was spot on and then this happened.

Beat Him

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What a great way to end the day but beating Andy once is nothing, I knew he was having an off day and I took advantage for my own pleasure, it did cheer me up no end but I didn’t read anything into it and it’s unlikely to happen again.

Far Coley is a beautiful spot to shoot, shooting over the water and up to the bowl of doom is always interesting, it’s one of those spots that I always seem to do OK at but never get a PB. I still love the place though and will always drive down to shoot it.

Far Coley

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The wind was pretty brutal in the first session so I knew I was in for some “off the plate” action right from the off, I dogged down on Lane 8 with Bob and got ready to do my best. Although the wind was switching a bit it was predominately left to right, I was doing OK shooting the opposite side of the pond until I got to the middle section of the wood. The wind was getting stronger and changing at will. Bob said to me “Have you noticed every time you sit do it get worse”! He wasn’t wrong, I came out 10mm for a 25mm reducer at 35yds, it went 10mm right, FFS! I got the first stander but missed the second, holding off is pretty difficult when you are getting buffeted around.

As we headed up to the Bowl Of Doom not only was the wind switching it had started to gust and drop, the targets on the edge of the wood rendered up no clues as they were splattered both sides, I grabbed a couple but picked the wrong edge on a couple as well, oh well. A wobble on the long kneeler didn’t help as we headed back down to the pond which I knew would be a difficult section. Two targets at the same distance and both at a similar height, I gave the first one the man edge and got it, the second one took me out by 20mm! I swear I could catch a cold today.

The next 5 lanes where all across the pond, I gave the first rat 100mm of wind and split the target at 3 O’Clock, Christ, that was so lucky and the only one on the pond I saw land, at times I found it impossible but I was giving it some and then some more but I don’t think it was enough in the end. We finished on a couple of standers, I’ve changed my thinking on these of late (more on that in another article) but I knew I needed them both, I dropped the mag and nailed them, magic. 24 wasn’t a brilliant score but I’ll take it on a day like that and just keep building on it.

Far Coley 2

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Special mention has to go to Nick Murphy for pumping us all by putting in a 37 with his Springer, mega shooting.

The one that did me though was Jack Harris, he turns up and is shooting Matt Hirst’s Anschütz with Kahle on top, just before I grabbed this picture he’d just finished tightening up the mounts onto the rail. I thought he was just having a go with it on the plinker. Turns out he’s shooting the course with it, with no click chart and no measurements, that’s the kind of stuff that would give me nightmares. Not Jacky Boy though, he stuck a 6 in, unbelievable, that’s some mad skills right there. Jack, we salute you!

Jack Harris