The Psychology Of Missing.

Everybody knows competitions are nearly always won on the disciplines of standing and kneeling, we all spend our time practising them, in the hope, we’ll get them down but I’ve observed a mental state that goes with these lanes before, during and after practice/competitions.

I think at least 70% of us would say we are average at disciplines. Making our good selves one of the biggest handicaps before you’ve even got the gun out of the bag, the hidden desire not to win.

A lot of people don’t think they have much chance of hitting a discipline before they even start, it’s not surprising so many of us miss.

I know what you’re thinking, it’s just a day out, having some banter with my mates, who cares! Well by the look on your face when you miss, you actually do but you’ve given up, you lazy git!

It’s possible for everyone to improve and hit those disciplines, I know it is because I was the guy mentioned above, I’d almost accepted that I was going to miss at least 4 standers per shoot. What kind of thinking is that?

Not any longer, something changed over the last couple of shoots and that change is that I’m not going to miss and I need these standers to get me out of B Grade, I’ve got to get them as if my life depends on it.

I no longer give up on a target and pull the trigger with an “Ahhh f*** it” frame of mind. I stop, reset and start over again.

Learning to concentrate sounds so easy and there’s probably a million books on it. Remember to breathe, slow things down with some deep breaths, this will help slow your heart rate down as well.

Clear your mind and keep on focussing on what you need to do, things you have power over. Forget the what if’s and the last missed target just stay in the moment. Try and picture what is going to happen next and last but not least remember why you are there, to enjoy yourself.