Emley NEFTA W/L 5 2016 Report

Always a pleasure to shoot at Emley and what a great surprise to be shooting a new firing line, the wind was all over at 50yds so I didn’t waste that much lead on the plinker. I pretty much knew what the gun was doing as I’ve shot it every single day this week. The practice is going well and I’m slowly building back up to where I was but I’m not daft enough to believe that 30hrs of practice will turn my game around straight away.


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It was a fair walk to where we would be shooting and it really showed just how unfit I am, more from Mark on this later, which wasn’t really helped by sticking a couple of extra layers on due to the weather forecast, it was a bit out to say the least. I was sweating like our Andy with his wallet open at the Mint Leaf curry house!

A couple of long ones to start and I nailed both of those before dropping on a long wait for the standers, 9 people deep! NEFTA shoots are always packed and of late its been taking nearly 3hrs to shoot just 30 targets, nearly the same length of time it takes to shoot a GP! It’s really hard to get into any type of groove with such long waits between each lane.

I missed the long stander at 9 but recovered well on the short one. Everything was going so well until I hit the kneelers, just 2 down. I was of 4 after the kneelers, that’s the first time I’ve missed my kneelers in a long time, I just couldn’t find a comfortable position on the lane.

I was still going strong until the next set of standers, double dinked again. I could feel the PB slipping away from me again, I did my best to focus and work out what the wind was doing shooting down into the stream but seeing nothing land didn’t render up any clues, man this was so frustrating. I had it in my hands and let it slip away again, I know I could have done better than the 20 I ended up with.

The practice is making a difference and I’m sticking to my regime, if I don’t get a PB before Yule I’ll eat my BFTA Beanie!

Emley 2

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