Millride MFTA W/L 6 2016 Report

Millride or Hellride as I like to call it manages to break most people because even on the calmest of days this place seems to always have the wind of Hades blowing through it. I’m actually not sure if I enjoy it here but it’s one of my most visited grounds in 2016, so something is going on. The courses are always long and difficult as well as being mostly off the plate shooting, if you’re a fan of staying on the inside man edge then Hellride is not the place for you.

Millride start #pelletonpellet #fieldtarget #bfta

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After taking a few pictures and chatting to those in the AM session, very few people were doing that well, King Of Castle, Gilly, was 11 down when I made this video and soon to be 12 by the end of it. I was wondering if I should actually book in or just go for a Mcdonalds!

Millride 2

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Dean Burfoot and Jenny Taylor were the only two doing well when I headed to the car to pick Gunny up. There was loads of shaking of heads and people either laughing or crying into their pellet pouches and no it doesn’t make a good lube!

I knew I was going to do better than last time but I didn’t fancy busting my grade again, in fact, I was wondering why I came in the first place at this point. The course looked long and very troubling with the wind blowing over the top of the course and down into the woods, plus let’s not forget the field of doom. Gilly finished on a 12 but Jenny held onto a 7, which is mega shooting, well done Jenny.

I started lane 18 in the field of doom, the first two went low and left, even after I adjusted after the first shot, not the start I was looking for but the kind of welcome you often get at Hellride! Hello, DINK!

Working my way back up the woods I knew there was more difficult stuff ahead but I just tried my best to deal with the job in hand, it wasn’t an easy task or a job I wanted 🙂

I picked up a couple of “not enough given” but they started to fall and as they did I was moving further and further off the plate only to be slapped down by a couple that went straight, at times it felt almost impossible and mechanical with the target distances. I’d had enough by the top corner heading down the field but I needed most of these just to hold a score, the chance of beating Gilly had long vacated.

53yder 12ft up a tree next, I thought if I’m going to miss this, I may as well miss it in style. I came 60mm of the right-hand side of the plate and it went down, massive cheer from me for that one but it was more luck than design. I finished on 23, which is pretty poor really as I know I missed 5 or 6 I could have got if I’d put my mind to it. I’ll take the 70% though but it did leave me puzzled to who the course was aimed at, I’m just grateful no one stuck a 39 in! I think my love affair with Millride is over and as Ross from Friends would say “We are on a break”.

Millride finished

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