Anston NEFTA W/L 6 2017 Report

Saturday at Anston

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Saturday was the usual busy day finalising the course and listening to Andy bark orders and no-one being able to get any of the instructions right so he ends up doing it himself, it’s like an abstract Greek tragedy at times!

So, yesterday (Sunday) was a bit of an eye opener, after two weeks off from Field Target and trying my best to kill myself with blue cheese over the Yule break I thought I’d be OK to shoot. I’ve been struggling with some kind of shoulder and arm pain along with really bad pins and needles in my hands. After just 5 lanes one thing was very clear and that I just couldn’t hold the gun steady at all, even on 10 mag, it was bouncing all over the place plus both of my hands were killing me. To be honest, they were both shaking so much it would be an understatement to say I wasn’t worried. After the 7th lane I called it a day, a very disappointing start to the year but it really was too much and it wasn’t getting any better, quite the opposite.

Anston Morning

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I’ve made an appointment to get checked out and I’m trying my hardest not to Google my symptoms for the fear of having the worst thing possible, cat aids probably! It was all a bit of a bummer because I actually started OK but wasn’t expecting a PB, well not at Anston anyway.

Although the course was a little on the long side, it was about right for the weather and the usual NEFTA crew putting in some great score considering the switching wind.

Well done to Keith Gilyard for sticking a 29 in, that’s some mega shooting.

Anston 2

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