Thurlaston MFTA W/L 8 2017 Report

My second visit to Thurlaston for round 8 of the MFTA Winter League, not been down for a couple of shoots now so I’ve missed my Midlands mates. I wasn’t looking for a score, more if I could get around again with no hassle, so no pressure on myself. The grounds are beautifully positioned with an excellent club house and food, Phil doubled up with a bacon and soup, I went for my raisins and nuts!

Thurlaston 1

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From walking the course it looked like most people were having a tough old time, Thurlaston is mostly open field on the brow of a hill, so the wind whips over and pushes your pellet all over the place. You could feel the wind changing as you walked down the course from next to nothing at the bottom to sweet “Baby Jesus” in the middle, this was going to be fun.

The gun was fine but going just a tad low at 50, so a couple of clicks would sort that no problem. A couple of people had shot well in the weather with Dave Oates coming off with a 2, that’s mega shooting for the conditions, I figured there goes my grade again!

Lane 5 with springer shooter Val, so good company to go along with the grey skies, heavy wind and rain, the only blessing was there where only a few of us on the session so it wouldn’t take forever!

I started OK but had a couple go much lower than I expected, added a few more clicks and found a decent place to split the difference. This method would work against me when the wind dropped, I hit a couple high, dang. By 5 lanes in I was soaked to the skin and wishing I’d stayed in bed.

Thurlaston 2

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I couldn’t get the wind right at all, with only a few visible clues to read in the field I was struggling and very moist. I settled for just going around and just doing my best, turns out my best wasn’t good enough, a terrible score really. Oh well, that’s Field Target innit. At least my shoulder held up better than Redfearns, still missed a couple of reducers with the jitters mind.

I guess with my current health situation it’s just something I’m going to have to put up with but I did enjoy the day and it’s always great to support a new club and Thurlaston is a great place to visit.

There’s some great shooting going off at MFTA though, Gilly and Ozzy are neck and neck with Shagga Shaw only 10 targets behind. Dean is never out of the top ten and some mega shooting this season from Andy Watkins, it’s an impressive top ten. You can check out all the form here