Field Target: It Grinds My Gears #1

Field Target - It Grinds My Gears

You’ve probably all seen the thread on STB about not handing your cards in to fiddle your grade and while I accept that Bri is correct (in a way) but only in a way that’s cold, boring and uber-logical, like Field Targets very own Dr Spock. I can see people nodding at his charming well-written replies (he’s a great writer) but it grinds my gears…

If not handing your card in makes little to no difference and is not as bad as people self-electing to a higher grade then I’d suggest the system is broken!

I’ve always disagreed with the “original intent” of the grades as they are or how some people want them to be seen. If you really think that then stop doing graded shoots and stop rewarding people for them. Yeah, thought not!

It’s time to embrace the data and create some “seasons” talking points and accept the fact that people rather like them as “leagues” and that you may not only be wrong but also missing a very good talking point that Field Target could exploit with stories, tables and images, let’s face it, we need it because I’m not seeing many sponsors beating down our door or that much coverage being generated – we all need to change that if we are ever going to move on and upwards.

The question was posed that we are not like other sports and why should we be? Well, I’m all for being different but when you ignore universal systems that work and that people understand you’re kinda undermining what could be possible by excluding people for no good reason I can find. People don’t elect to go up for a reason, they want to earn it, just another point that proves the original intent just doesn’t work and no matter what you do you are still going against 100+ years of sports, give it up and give in.

Instead of playing the grades down, I’d play them up, create leagues, talking points and extra data out of them, at the minute it’s wasted in a massive spreadsheet that no-one else gets to see. What a waste!

You know what else I’d do as well? I’d stop awarding 100% for not actually hitting 100%. Not only does it falsely inflate ever single score below it, it also makes the rolling 16 impossible to reverse as well, good job we can’t see it!

It also really messes up the grades up across regions. I can bet my bottom dollar that regions that don’t have a top course setter and “proper” AA shooter are shooting at a different level to NEFTA and perhaps this impossible to fix due to the variables but awarding 100% for not hitting 100% only widens the margin of possible error.

It grinds my gears…