Pontefract NEFTA W/L 8 2017 Report

It’s not that I’m not a fan of Ponty it’s more that Ponty isn’t a fan of me but I’ll try anything at least twice!

Ponty 1

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Ponty is one big Bowl Of Doom, how anyone works out what the wind is doing is beyond my Field Target powers but I was looking forward to a day out of the house shooting some tin chickens. There was a bit of wind but not enough to come out of the kill, the light was pretty poor though, I had to bump up the ISO on the camera.

Young Dylan had cleared the course in the morning which is some mega shooting, he’s really found his form of late. I was hoping Neil Hague would also clear it to get close to shooting off 99% – that some record if you ask me. I wasn’t looking for much, I was just hoping I could sit still long enough, NEFTA Winter Leagues can often take up to 3hrs because they are so popular. It’s sometimes hard to get into a groove with 12-15 minutes between lanes but hey it is what it is.

Settled in on Lane 1 with Mark and Julian, I elected to go first, may as well, I’d got nothing to lose. I knew I would need some extra clicks due to the cold weather and perhaps a few more just for Ponty! I managed to start well enough but after missing the long kneeler it started to fall apart a bit, the jitters appeared to give me a kicking. I tried my best to ignore it and focus elsewhere but it managed to squeeze a place in my head and so I struggled on the reducers again, I’ve really got to find a working method to get around it because I would have ended up with a good score if it wasn’t for that middle section.

Word was going around that Andy and Ian were still clear and even Coop was only 1 down with 4 lanes to go, not bad for someone shooting off 10 mag. The Anston Massive really needed a good score today to stick it up Ponty and Redfearns. Coop dropped another 4 on his last couple of lanes which is a real shame but that’s how it goes sometimes. Still some cracking scores with just 3 competitions to go, check this top ten out, MEGA!

Calpin Andy Anston 40092 AA 30
Gallagher Red Anston 42445 A 29
Lawrence Paul Anston 42243 AA 28
Marsden Ivan Anston 42245 A 28
Robinson David Anston 41529 A 28
Higgins Simon Anston 41975 AA 27
Hurst Mark Anston 42387 B 27
Spencer Russ Anston 40091 B 27
Rodgers Mark Anston 42474 B 26
Asquith Chris Anston 42420 B 25
Cooper Graham Anston 41932 B 25
Lindley Jim Anston U 25
Gallagher Paul Anston 42447 B 23
Gilmartin Dan Anston 40685 B 23
Lawrenson David Anston 42388 B 22
Woodhead Neil Anston 41986 B 22
Fleeman Graham Anston 42380 A 20
Calpin Martin Anston 42424 B 20
Green Philip Anston 41847 C 20
O'Mara Steve Anston SFT SFT 19
Crookes Shaun Anston SFT SFT 18
Lawrenson Katie Anston 42441 C 17
Cooper Zak Anston 41972 B 16
Peters Karl Anston 42381 C 15
Brooks Alison Anston 42448 C 13

Ponty 3

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