Furnace Mill MFTA W/L 9 2017 Report

The weather forecast was very grim for Sunday, it wasn’t much better Saturday, 20mm at 25yds feels a bit like wasting lead at times but I’ve always enjoyed shooting at Furnace Mill because the wind is very trick. I think we need our heads testing for even setting off if I’m honest, we’ve never been fair weather shooters though, so we headed south in rain, sleet and freezing cold 17mph wind.

Furnace Mill

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When we landed it looked like most people had done the wise thing and stayed in bed but the bulk of the MFTA hardcore were already halfway around. Gilly was on a couple, same with Wrecker, Shagga and Andy Watkins. The course looked pretty tough for the weather, 9 reducers and a couple of lanes with long ones at angles. The plinker was a bit of a mixed blessing, a couple straight and then a kill left or right – a bit of a waste of lead so I dropped on some standers while the gun dropped to 3 degrees!

Furnace Mill 2

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Dropped on Lane 20 with Grubber and Ian Burton, Grubber missed the first two and so did I, you know you’re in for a rough ride when a 35yd reducer takes 40mm of wind. Grubber had worse problems, he was going at least 30mm high on everything, lucky for him though that one of the targets actually fell. Turns out his windicator was pushing his barrel up, something he’d have spotted if he’d been on the plinker, the plonker!

In NEFTA and MFTA you always know that contrary to the conditions someone will always stick a good score in, there are some mega-shooters in both regions and loads of people climbing their grades. I struggled a bit on lanes 1-5, just couldn’t get the wind right, gave it buckets and it still wasn’t enough, gave some and then some more, they started falling. The damage was done though and I was on the home stretch where every lane had a reducer on it!

Not a bad day though, I enjoyed the shoot and Furnace Mill is a great ground worth driving to, the wind is a bit tricky mind, I got wrong edged twice. Managed to hold my grade and for now, that will have to do.

All down to Millride now and between Ozzy and Gilly for top dog position, I said I wasn’t going to Hellride again this year but needs must for the end of the season.

Furnace mill 3

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