Emley Moor NEFTA W/L 9 Report

Emley 1

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I was in a good mood on Sunday, checked the gun 3 times and it was to temperature so there’d be no surprises. OK, so it was going about a pellet high at 50yds, a couple of clicks would sort that. The course did look nails again though and the shaking of the heads as I took photographs of the first session bore testament to it. There was a lot of double dinking going on but you can always guarantee that someone in NEFTA would clear or 29’d it. Looked like every target was going to be a battle today and you wouldn’t be learning much off the plinker either. A grade shooters coming off the first session with C grade scores did not bode well though!

Lane 3, 25mm up the hill, dink, high and left, OK, couple of clicks off and the next one went down. Didn’t give the next one enough as it struck 3 O’Clock. The wind was picking up now so I gave the next one a bit more and watched it fly past the side I’d given wind to! This continued for 6 lanes, nothing and I mean nothing was working out for me.

The gun then decide that things weren’t hard enough and started to go low but it was too late the damage was done, I got the next 6 targets with adding a full number over 45yds but I was done. The head went down and I’d had enough with 5 lanes to go. A bad start at NEFTA and it’s pretty much over for you, with only 30 targets there’s not much chance of pulling it back and I had no chance of doing that.

I did what I could but this was one card I wasn’t looking forward to going in, my lowest score in nearly 3yrs, I’d have laughed if I hadn’t lost my sense of humour in the biting wind and paint removing service I’d just done. Andy was one lane down from me and also struggling but I took no joy for that, him having a bad day is a measure of nothing really.

Even writing about it puts me in a bad mood and induces internal swearing.

Emley 2

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But as I predicted someone was going to clear it and Neil Hague did just that, you’ve got to give it to him, that’s some mega shooting but you can’t use him as an objective measure, I’m not sure he’s even human at this point :).

Neil H

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So, that was my grade wrecked this season but we still had a few of the Anston Massive out there, Dave managed to put in a fantastic return to form 28, young Red stuck a 27 in, Si had a 25 and who would have believed our Andy’s 22 would have ever counted! Not me that’s for sure but we’d done enough, just two more battles to face before we finally lift that Main Cup! UTAM.