BFTA GP 1: Avon Hawks Report 2107

Cost for 1 GP
410 Miles Travelled
£58.00 In Petrol

I can’t hide how buzzing I’ve been for the GP season to start, I love the travelling, meeting my extend Field Target GP family and shooting 50 targets, MEGA!

I loaded Phil “The Kill” Green up and blasted his with 3.5hrs of the Manic Street Preachers, I did wonder what he thought about the crucial problem of the revolution and of all class struggle is to correctly and fully assert the leading role of the working class as we headed south to drink shandy!

Avon 1

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My health still isn’t 100% but I figured I’m good enough to have a crack at getting in the top ten for B grade, I know I’ve only missed out on the last two years by less than half a chuffing target but that’s my goal for this season, that and listening to people moan it would seem but I’m northern and most people couldn’t worry sheep.

We landed and I went off to take some pictures and say hello to loads of people, there was a bit of wispy switching wind around with loads people either doing really well or having a mare, that’s GP’s for you though.

Avon 2

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Josh wasn’t too happy and Gilly looked liked he’d been on the deck of a ship, white as a ghost and feeling ill but still on 1 mind. Jack was the same and Dylan was clear. Dylan has been having a cracking season this year so it would be great to see him take it.

Pictures taken, it was time to check the gun 3 times using the proven Kes method, she was fine. Avon is always colder than it looks and the sun rarely breaks through the trees so my gun usually goes back to its winter settings, which is fine with me.

Lane 21, oh great a couple of kneelers followed by a pair of standers, not what I asked for so in protest I OXO’d both lanes, take that! For the rest of the shoot, I either missed by just a pellet or by a mile, a couple whipped me so far over I’d have done the same thing again if presented fresh. As we worked our way back up the woods the wind was reaching 10-15mph, not the place to finish but I only double dinked one of the lanes and was happy to walk off with a 32, not a brilliant score but on days like that, I’ll take what I’m given.

Phil had been doing well until the last section, looks like he’d knocked his scope or gun, he was about 1ft to the right, poor lad can’t catch a break. So, not a bad start but I’m looking to get into the 40’s and may have to sneak some relaxed practice sessions in. Can’t believe I still get nervous at shoots!

Avon 3

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On the way home this happened though, finally got home at 11.30pm


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Team and Shooter Chat coming next.