GP Grade Chat 1


Strong start for Dylan but no surprise really, he’s been shooting well all over the last 8 months and will be a force to be reckoned with this year.


Brilliant start for Yoeri and unlucky for Kev who had a few gun problems towards the end of the shoot.


Adrian is a newly graded shooter and that is a mega opening score for his first GP, Gav and Keenan wasn’t that far behind though, B Grade is going to be a killer league this year.


Nice to see Wayne lift first place, had some good shoots with him in the Midlands and he was a long way ahead of Stephen in 2nd with Jo pleased as punch to take 3rd.


Seem odd doing a Piston chart without Bri in it but Steve has come out fighting, missing just 9, mad skills. Nice to see Peter back on the circuit with a very respectable 40 and John only 1 point behind, looks like the Piston Class is going to be super competitive.


I bet you a pound that’s the start to the season Tony wanted, missing just 2 targets, mega shooting mate. Jeremy done well beating Ian as well, all the practice I reckon. Keep it up lads.


What? Silli’s without Hague at the top, what’s going on? Nice to see Mark back on form, I know he’s not been happy with his set up for a while but looks like he’s hungry for it now.

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