Shooter & Team Talk 1

Welcome to Team Talk, with more teams than ever before taking part we are looking at a very tight competition this year, it’s great to see everyone getting involved, so let’s get stuck in.

It’s no surprise that Air Arms England A came out fighting, with Justin, Simon, James and Andy in the team you’re looking down the barrel of 95%+ scores all day long. However, Fantastic 5 are my favourites to win, with young upstart Dylan taking the first GP and Ian, Keith, Tony and Andras you’re looking at a strong team that’s going to be rock steady. RWS A Team is are new on the scene but contain one of the favourites to lift the cup in Jack “Shagga” Harris, add FT man mountain Dan Eley along with Gilly, Berty and Dave and you know there won’t be too many points going spare.

Looks like Castle didn’t have a bad day either but they find themselves at the bottom of the pile, it’s going to be a hard battle lads but it’s early days yet, stick at it.

League 2

Well, will you look at that PoP Heads straight in at number two, mostly down English language embezzler Yoeri  and Dangerous Bri but I reckon we’ll come into our own soon enough. I reckon we can see Air Arms – England C off but Stodders, Chunk, Paula, Johno and Andy are all capable of banging the scores in. But right now it feels good to be direct above the Midlands Marksmen and my old team NEFTA Old Boys. Should never have let me go lads 🙂

Full results HERE