Field Target: It Grinds My Gears #3

Field Target - It Grinds My Gears

You know what grinds my gears? The Welsh (partly)!

I’ve kinda lost count of the number of emails I’ve got that open with following “I’m useless with computers”, once I see that I think two things: 1. No, I’m not booking you in for a GP or any other event ever. 2. Learn to use it like I did.

I’m genuinely surprised at a number of people who can’t spell their own name, book the wrong session and don’t know their own BFTA number. The worst offenders award has to go to the Welsh for double booking and wrong BFTA number. So, to be clear, NO, I won’t book you in or change a booking, EVER. Cancel it and start again.

If you have a genuine problem I’ll help but I’m not your personal I.T. Department, learn to use your computer and RTFM. If I can spend weeks building a booking in system with Brian for FREE, you can sure learn to spell your name correctly and memorise your BFTA number, can’t you?