NEFTA Classic Day 1 Report

With zero practice and the doctor telling me to stop doing any and all repetitive actions I knew I was on for a kicking at the Classic, even with practice it’s a tough old shoot, day 2 usually kills me anyway.


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I decided I’d have a pop at the Silli’s though, the shoulder has been holding up OK but I knew I wouldn’t be hitting much. The only standing I’ve done in the last 3 months was at Champs/Inters/GP1 and that didn’t yield great results.

Classic 1

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Yeah I know, doesn’t seem like a strong attitude to be entering a comp with but my view is to enjoy my shooting and not make my shoulder worse (Hello Mangers), so I’m going to take the hit on the old percentage and probably have to wait another year to climb out of B grade. So be it.

Marshalling and taking pictures to start off with, probably the best start for me but with doing the Silli’s first I could feel the heat coming from the Shed Of Doom.

Here’s Juan who scored a mega 37 on the Silli’s on Day 1, coupon set to burst!

Classic 2

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I wasn’t wrong, my standers have gone to pot and although I can hit 14-16 Silli’s at the club I can’t hit shit at the Classic, by the end of it, my shoulder was on fire and I was properly stressed out with it. Rubbish score but my partner in crime, Arthur, made me laugh and kept me upbeat.

Silli Shed

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Classic 4

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The course looked long but we’d got the lovely Emley switching wind to deal with as well as lots of targets at angles, classic Calps course. Started off with some OXO but picked up on the right-hand side of the course and I wasn’t missing by much which is always infuriating, a couple took me completely another way. I don’t think I’ve every had to stand up and move so much on a course before, it wasn’t the angles that bothered me, it was the size of the gates, way too small on some lanes.

Half way around my head had gone simply because I knew I had no chance and I was sick to death of the close misses. You don’t come to the Classic expecting an easy time but it had done me in, I think the problem is that I like the Classic but it hates me 🙂 It was a long course indeed and reminded me of the Tawd GP from two years ago in part, it chewed me up and spat me out.

Classic 5

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