Doncaster Bench Rest Team News

Chad with his mega card.

We may be new to the game and have zero specialist equipment but we are banging the scores in and getting better every month. The introduction of the 100+ badge has made everyone super competitive, I was so close last night! Next time eh!

Hero of the month though has to go to Chad with his mega score of 100.7, well done Chad from all the team members.

3 For The 100 Club

If you look at the League HERE you can see if Div 4 Bri’s team, Donny A, are getting hammered even with very respectable scores, short of scoring 200+ every two weeks I’m not sure what they can do!

Donny B have a strong team but also in the same position, you’re looking at 199+ at least on every card. Donny C are doing better and with Mangers and Neil putting better scores in on every visit now, I reckon we can take that league. Donny D are suffering as well, Wantage A are hammering it home. Donny E has the handicap of someone not showing up and Phil :), wish he’d stop changing guns and take his time but there’s no telling him. Donny F doing the business though and not lost one yet so I reckon they can also take the league.

Not bad for a load of noobs with no proper front or backend gear but it’s a long game and I’m sure we can pull back some points.

Mangers looking surprised at hitting 100+. Well done mate.