NEFTA Classic Day 2 2017

Day 2 already seemed long and I wasn’t even out of bed yet, a shocking first day but I’d got the Field Target course first thing, which on the weather report was probably the best session of the lot with the wind hitting up to 25mph. Dogged down and tested the gun, as usual, everything was fine with it, just the Div Unit using it that’s faulty.

Lane 17 again for some long shots into the valley below, the wind was either doing nothing or a full kill but I started really well and only missed 4 out of my first 20 targets, much better start and it looked like I could put the FT scores back. As we went down the railway embankment to the far left corner I was good and then we switched over and the wheels came completely off. Double dinked a couple of lanes and just watched as every call I made was wrong and unlike yesterday missing by a mile as the wind gusted and switched at will. Arthur was doing great though so that helped spur me on to try even harder as we headed up the hill to the finish. The long diamond target at the top I had no idea where they landed but I got the next one and both kneelers. I think that’s the most uncomfortable kneeling lane I’ve done, almost impossible to find a legal hand position on and get the gun low enough to hit the target, managed it though. Damage done, the left-hand side of the course had killed me off.

Classic Day 2 2

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I knew the Silli’s would be another disaster, even on 10mag I could keep the gun from stirring the porridge, I was all over the place as the wind whisked across the course. Got myself a couple of pigs and took aim at the fourth one only for it to take the fifth one down, just about summed my day up to that.

Not brilliant score wise but at least my shoulder held up better than I thought it would I really don’t fancy pushing it too hard so that I can’t even compete and end up back at the quacks. I’m not sure why sometimes I just can’t sit still at all, really does my head in when it comes to comps, I’d shot with Mark last week and kicked his arse at some Showdown shooting but I guess it’s all on the day and today just wasn’t my day.

I’m still up for getting myself in the top 10 for the GP’s though and putting together a plan for some training that won’t do me over in the process. Here’s to next year at the NEFTA Classic, I think 🙂

Phil won though and I was pleased that a very long day had a happy ending for a least one person in the car.


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