Field Target: It Grinds My Gears #4

Field Target - It Grinds My Gears

I’m not sure I’m the audience for any type of shooting show, I don’t wear tweed, checked shirts or dress in camo so that’s about 80% of the stalls out on just my selected wardrobe alone.

Anything new I’ve probably already seen on the circuit months before so I’m not sure what the attraction actually is, I certainly don’t feel part of “that” community and I certainly don’t get the horn killing stuff nor do I agree with bourgeoisie posh boys ripping foxes apart in their nice red jackets.

If this gives you the horn then you need help.

I guess I have an odd relationship with hunting in that I have no interest in it what so ever, I read articles like this one HERE  and it just reads like a list of excuses and I think to myself, “Why don’t you just be a bit more honest”, the land doesn’t need your birds on it, you could manage it without them but hey that’s where you make all your $$$ from isn’t it! Stop passing shit off because it’s pretty blatant to me.

While I understand animal and land management, I certainly don’t understand fox hunting or big game hunting being passed off as conservation either, it’s more like some typical Tory capitalist spin bollocks to me. Offer me a “fun” night out ratting and I’d rather hit myself in the balls with a lump hammer for the night while singing a selection of George Formby’s greatest hits. I just don’t get it, killing stuff doesn’t give me a buzz and never will, buy a cat or something, or you could just try and keep a cleaner yard you lazy red-faced sod.

If this looks like decent odds, perhaps maths isn’t your strong point.

Field Target as far as I’m concerned has nothing to do with hunting and for that matter neither does HFT, defiantly not hunting simulations, so why should I embrace something that is only a couple of steps away from the barbaric red coats?

Field Target needs to divorce itself from it all if it’s ever going to be take on by sponsor outside its own marketplace and move forward. So, if you wear camo, do us all a favour and burn it when you get home tonight, it doesn’t go with your eyes and everyone thinks you look a twat anyway! It’s just a small step in the right direction.