BFTA GP 2: Tawd Vale Report 2107

Cost for 2 GP’S
620 Miles Travelled
£98.00 In Petrol

I was really up for Tawd, the sun was out and the wind didn’t feel too bad on the way up. Still, haven’t had much time to practice but I’m about to put that right with some early morning sessions from this week. I know I’m not a brilliant or natural shooter so when I don’t practice I fall off a bit.

Tawd 1

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I was expecting a long course at Tawd and I wasn’t wrong, loads of 50’s again and all directly in front of you, not sure why when they have all that land but there you go. A couple of rounds with the camera and you had two camps 1. Doing Mega 2. Having A Nightmare.

Tawd 2

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I’ve never really been a fan of people saying you need luck in field target but I’ve often thought it negates the skill but I’m starting to question that thinking. Those that started in woods where getting pummelled by the wind and double dinking loads. Up the top, the wind was a bit easier to read but it was defiantly a case of all or nothing.

I was looking for a 31 and I was going to have to work for it, oh well nothing ventured and all that crap. I started at the bottom of the woods on a lovely pair of long targets. Bri and Justin on the lane before had already started on me about leaving crap clues on the target, so to spite them I nailed both. Did OK heading up to the top of the site, crap on the standers but I expected that, it’s really frustrating chasing the reticle. The shoulder is getting better but I still don’t fancy pushing it by practising loads of standers.

I double dinked the last two lanes at the top of the course and that’s where it started, not sure if I wasn’t being brave enough because I couldn’t see anything landing at all. Back down to lane 14, the dreaded lane 14, always a long one with the wind whipping off the open field, I gave it a bucket load and it dropped. Gave the second closer one slightly less but it needed even more, FFS!

Tawd 3

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I needed to pull some back and dug in a bit more but it was too late, the damage had been done, gutted. Checking out what other people had done brought no pleasure either, looks like a fair few had had even worse days than me as well.

Oh well, time for more practice and a few rocket launchers at Gwent, see you down there.

Thanks to everyone who picked up BFTA merchandise at the weekend, all for a good cause.