MFTA Summer League 2: Greyhound 2017

I’ve only been to the Greyhound once when there was zero wind and that day my gun decided it would sabotage me by dropping 5 or 6 shots out a 720fps!

However, when there’s no wind anywhere else there’s always wind just like Hellride, makes for tricky shooting sometimes.

The Greyhound

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With the week I’ve just had, I’d not been on the internet much and forgotten it was only one session for the MFTA Summer League. We got there just in time for the first and only session kicking off. I didn’t even have time to put my boots on or fire a single shot. Lane 1B, the first target was a 41yd 25mm, split it at 12 O’clock. Time to dig in and smash the rest, I defo need a good B Grade score from the Greyhound and I wasn’t going home with one. I took my time and got my positions good and didn’t rush a single shot, it started to pay off. They started to fall and it felt good, the course was pretty well balanced for the weather and finishing at the top of the field I knew the wind would be getting stronger and there defo would be target’s on poles, that said I nailed as many as I could. I lost a few to the wind and did terrible on my standers, the shoulder is still giving me a bit of hassle but I was close on two if them, could have done with a least two of them but scored a zero. Not sure what I do on that until I can get back to practising but it felt good to be back. Left happy with my score and the gun, so job done PoP Heads.

Greyhound 2

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