Shooter and Team Talk 3

Fantastic 5 hold onto their lead mostly down to the good work of Ian and Dylan. Rowan are less than a target in front of RWS, who are looking stronger and stronger. Castle Crew hit the skids with A grade scores this GP, although they had Shagga and Mangers missing, so they had to take what was given. Too early to call but I’d be giving the Air Arms teams a talking to!

Pop Heads are flying now with only AA EC looking like catching them, I hope they don’t as this could be my only chance to win something off the back of everyone else’s work! The Oakes are sneaking up a bit but I still fancy Underlever Underachievers over them. Midlands Marksmen are also sneaking up on everyone. Anston continues their tradition of holding up everyone but I still reckon they’ll beat RWS B Team, they best do.