PoP Bench Rest Target

I never thought I’d be designing a Bench Rest target when my main thing is Field Target, never in a million years but… On the surface, it looks like a simple thing to design but when you start looking at what everyone else uses it quickly becomes clear that Bench Rest is just as confusing as Field Target at times, everyone has something different for a number of reasons that can be hard to fathom. I blame Bri at Doncaster Airgun Range for all this.

My version of the target is based on the official Worlds target and when I say based I mean an exact copy, target wise, I’m not sure how you copyright a load of circles but I’ve heard Bench Rester’s slag off other leagues for “using their” targets. So, if you’re reading this Mr Worlds, form a queue lads!

It’s pretty much the same thing with the rules, there’s the odd change here and there but they are nearly all the same, so I just cribbed the Midlands Bench Rest league. I could have completely rewritten them all and I may do that if the PoP League takes off because loads of single run on sentences annoy me for some reason!

Off The Bench and Off The Bag are pretty easy to explain and there are not all that many rules, here’s PoP’s Bench Rules for you all to look at.


The thing you need to keep in mind is that you are scoring upwards from 5 to 10 but downwards from 10.1 to 10. If the gauge touches the 8 line, there goes your 10.1. It’s also worth remembering that everything is scored with a .22 gauge, I know I’ve got a bit of stick from Woody over some of my 10’s but if that gauge cuts into the 2mm of white, I’m having it mate!

A very clear 10.1
That’s just a 10 mate!

So, I’m on the 4th version already of the target after testing it in the field with the rest of the Anston Massive and it’s mostly about having space to write stuff. I’m really pleased with it now and the frames that Mark built have worked out brilliantly.