Field Target – Bench Rest Off The Bag: Some Progress (Hopefully)

Doing Bench Rest (Bag Rest!) off the bag and seated certainly opens your eyes to how much you actually move when you are focusing on just a 2mm ring. Sitting still has been a massive problem for me of late and you can see from my cards how that works out or would translate from 25yds to 55yds, it’s not a good luck I can tell you.

The reason I’m not showing you a card from earlier in the week is that I’m actually quite embarrassed about it, I was bouncing all over the place on the first card, dropping the mag helped a lot on the second but not by much but I feel like I’m starting again, time to dig in and practice some basic stuff I seem to have lost touch with.

The other thing about Bench Rest is it seriously makes you start to doubt your pellets and barrel, I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve actually thought “how did that end up there” after a shot or the number of time I’ve heard other people say it. Some very real WTF moments.

40mm targets certain allow you to get away with murder but focussing on hitting 2mm is a killer and very sobering, but hitting a 10.1 is a pretty big buzz. It’s certainly more accurate and rewarding than whacking the paint off a 1ft piece of metal.

Let’s see how we get on tomorrow with four cards and some hard focus.


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So the plan is to do four targets off the bag and look at what’s happening, now I know some of you are going to be looking at this and thinking it sounds easy at 25yds, but it really isn’t, if you think it that you’re more than welcome to swing by Anston and try the 4 card challenge!

So here’s a list of what I’ve noticed.
1. I’m not doing the same thing every single time.
2. I’m moving the gun up and right.
3. I’ve got a bit of wobble coming from the cheek piece.
4. I’m not always putting my right foot flat on the floor.
5. My left foot needs kicking in a bit more to the right.
6. Cant, I’m not always checking it.

You can see from my cards (below) that number 2 on the list is a big problem, you can see it very clear on card 1 and it’s something I repeat over and over. Phil Taylor pointed this out to me at Bisley and it’s something I have to stop, the paper targets give you nowhere to hide.

The first thing I did on all the cards was to take some sighters, most of them would pass for OK but when I started on the scoring targets the game changes in my head and instead of resetting I just blasted the shot off because I think the wobble is only going to get worse. This is a very bad habit and something I’d do on standers when I started, it has to stop. Another thing that I’ve learned is that sighters can be a bit of an anathema, when it goes right down the plughole it feels like a wasted shot.

I started to focus on my foot positions, breathing and cant for the next 3 cards, making improvements and finding more stable positions. The wind was getting up a bit but I just focussed on what I needed to do and tried to do the same thing every single time. I consider anything in the 80’s a complete failure. Here’s my cards with comments.

Not bad sighters but there it clearly is, up and right. Not happy with this card at all.
Better but still a couple of wobbles and one pull up and high.
Much better but wobbles on 8 & 9 and just look at 10!
My best card and in the worst wind, you can still see the pull though.

If anyone wants to offer any advice them please jump in on Facebook.


Practice 2

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