MFTA Summer League 3: Thurlaston 2017

Thurlaston is a tough place to shoot, like Hellride, even when there’s no wind in the World there will always be wind there. Not that I’m adverse to it, just that right now it makes for a tough ride and it ups the ante on any missed targets.

The course is in beautiful grounds with an amazing vista, but there’s no hiding that it’s an open field with very little cover. That said, it’s a new club and deserves the support so I’ll always make the journey down to shoot it. From the look of the plinking shed they’ve already done a lot of work at the club, things are definitely heading in the direction.

I’d already started doing work on my seated position in the week, essential starting again and rebuilding, getting rid of some of the bad habits I’ve got myself into, along with focusing more on the job in hand, rather than being constantly distracted or just plain old thinking about everything else instead.

Thurlaston 1

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Lane 1 for me with Gilly, excellent, clean targets and someone to ask to pull what I’m doing apart. Gilly has offered me sound advice before and he’s never been wrong so I’ll take what I’m given and go for it. Permission to kill granted.

I was a bit jittery at the start on the long ones so I dropped the mag and just did my best, it was pretty tough going, the wind was changing a lot. Predominately left to right but swinging the other way if you didn’t keep your eye on it. I started on a bit of OXO but soon got comfy and did what I could with what was in front of me, I just need a proper B Grade % this week.

It was tough going but Gilly was nailing them all and it was time to step up, I often find that when I’m shooting with someone better that I do actually step up a bit so this was great for me.

I came off with 72.97% and you know what, after the month I’ve had I’ll take that, I know I can do better but at least I’m heading in the right direction. It could have been higher because I know for a fact I forgot to dial on one and miss-ranged another.

Here’s what Gilly told me to work on:
1. Get a knee pad.
2. Get a shooting jacket.
3. Stop doing something different with my trigger hand.
4. Range each target at least 4 times.
5. Move the cheek piece back.
6. Move the trigger forward.
7. Stop spending so much time on the scope.
8. Follow through properly.

Number 7 made perfect sense to me and something I’d been working on with Mark Rodgers using the Showdown format. I know I’m checking top/middle/bottom on the way to the target but on a windy day like it was today, often it will have changed if you’re spending 20 seconds on the scope.

We sat and watched a few people range and shoot a 53yd target at the top of the field, most took 30 seconds with their eye firmly planted to the scope. In that amount of time, the wind was changing and we got to listen to a load of dinks. Gilly had a great point, so if you’re reading this Gilly, thanks for the great advice and company. I’m making the changes and working on everything you said.

Thurlaston 2

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