BFTA GP 5: Iceni Report 2017

A nice drive down the A1 with some serious focus, a positive PMA and Steve Reich pumping on the stereo, now that doesn’t mean that I’m all happy clappy hippy, it means I’m about one notch above Morrissey standard demure. Which is apt because the minute I landed at Iceni the moaning started. I listened to it, stated my case* and went off to look at the course, say hello to my mates and take some pictures.


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The grounds at Iceni are really amazing, it’s a beautiful vista and woods look like they could offer up many a world class course. The wind feels a bit tricky, sometimes feeling like there’s loads but nothing and sometimes very much the reverse. It was catching a load of people out by the looks of it. The course looked good and not overly long, which made a welcome change in my opinion.

Although I was very settled, the plinker felt like a waste of lead, at 50yds I was getting a 4 inch spread on my pellet mark as the wind was switching, I sat doing the routine with Mark but after 30 minutes and all the Kes Method tests done it was time to bag up and feed my face.

Iceni 2

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I’m surprised how quickly I’d taken to the shooting jacket and knee pad, I thought both would annoy me and probably be too much of a change when put on together but I also figured I’d got nothing to lose. While the jacket takes a bit of getting use’t to, the knee pad was an instant success, loads more stable than the sausage bag I’d been using.

The jacket does dampen movement but as Conor and Woody have mentioned on Facebook they can me very restrictive and this is something I was about to find out about.

Woody, A Master At Work

Lane 17 with Woody, excellent, a cool relaxing shoot and opportunity to watch one of the countries best shooters at work. It didn’t start well, 3 O’Clocked the first one, I took little pleasure in the height being perfect. I missed both standers as well, gutted but I still had 4 more to get, I’m keeping positive even if my face says otherwise.

I was about to find out about how restrictive a jacket can be on the first set of kneelers, I really struggled on the long one but with only 24hrs to practice with it, I wasn’t expecting targets to fall by mere proximity.

I could feel the benefits from it and could also see the problems, so I need to do more work with it to really make a call but the knee pad was a 100% success.

The course did feel long in parts but I was only missing due to the wind, a couple really surprised me, looked like nothing but there was well over a kill but that’s the game.

I did shoot loads better and honestly, I didn’t think it could have got any worse but the last two shoots have put me back in B Grade scores so I’ve just got a steady climb to replace 9 really piss poor scores. I’m up for it and I’ve got a plan and sticking to it. Phil shot really well again and I’m so pleased for him, he was buzzing all the way home. After 10yrs we’ve finally got him out of C Grade and finally winning something, I just hope it doesn’t take me as long to get out of B!

Iceni 3

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* Shoot offs still happen, 3 of the 5 GP’s have had shoot offs, the reason you think they don’t happen is that you’ve left the grounds and not hung about until stats have had time to sort everything.