GP Grade Chat 5

Red needed a result and he certainly got one, OK, so he did manage to put much space between himself and others but as they say at Weight Watchers, he’s maintained! I would have loved to have seen a shoot off with all the top 3. My money is still on Jack winning but what manager upset it would be if Red got 2nd place. Nathan, Ian and Justin were not far behind either, I bet Justin is cursing that 15mm now. With how difficult it was to read the wind this is some mega scoring.

Great to see Graham at the top of the pile in A and it illustrates how little difference there is sometimes between the grades, just 4 targets, I’ve missed more than that on the first lane! Great score from Helen as well, cracking to see her in the top 3 and fellow MFTA mucker Simon lifting 3rd.

Big scores for B Grade this GP, that’s a mega score from Andrew, that’s lifted him a fair few places. Also good to see fellow PoP Head Mark in the top 3, it’s a shame he’s already missed 3 GP’s because I reckon he could have done some damage this year. Great to see Gary and Adrian shooting off at the end of the GP, Gary took it on one stander! Special mention to Leann, well done, brilliant scoring.

The golden boy has done it again, that’s Phil’s highest score ever! He was grinning all the way home. I’m made up for him, 10yrs in C Grade and finally he’s making his move. Great to see a load of Sefta lads joining in but I wish more C Graders would actually start turning out.

John was only 3 down when I spoke to him but he did well to hold onto the top but with Bri and Steve missing it did leave a big hole. PoP favourite John Amos strengthened his position and takes over in the No. 1 position but will 3 targets be enough?

Hang on, where’s Tony? Ian is now slamming home his lead and I’m not sure if Jules or Tony can catch him now. Good score from Jules though and I’m sure we’ll see Tony at the next one.

Sweet to see Baby Keith win the Silli’s but I’d have loved to seen a six-way shoot off but I think Ian’s done enough to lift the title.