MFTA Summer League 4: Far Coley 2017

After a day at Castle sorting the gun and doing loads of checks on Saturday, I was a bit more confident on the gun. I’ve still got a few changes to the barrel I need to make when Mr Murphy is free from doing 9015’s but yeah, super confident and the gun feels loads better. Even with my cheating jacket was starting to pay dividends, Andy didn’t give me that much stick over it either, double bonus.

Far Coley

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After the bad run I’ve just had, that feeling of being confident is more welcome than two vanilla slices to a fat lad who goes to weight watchers! (I’ve lost a stone and half by the way), which is a good thing because my new cheating jacket is even tighter!

Far Coley is a beautiful ground, I really like shooting there but it’s one of those grounds I’ve never really done that well at (there’s a few of em) because I’ve never really worked out what’s happening at the centre of the woods. Often it looks like there’s nothing so you stay just on the inside and then dink as it hits 3 O’Clock, it’s sometimes a little counter intuitive to be really brave sometimes.

Lane 17, standers with the Bossman Shaun Shore, time to button up my cheating jacket and buckle in for the ride. The weather was beautiful and the sun is beating down with a slice of wind hitting from left to right. To celebrate that I went low on the long stander but nailed the second one, nothing feels better right now that clobbering a stander.

The course offered up a load of variation which made a welcome change after some “set to long” GP’s and to be fair it didn’t make it any easier but I was more focused than I have been for a long time and the gun was finally doing what it was meant to be doing.

The one’s that got away from me was mostly due to not being brave enough on the long ones and not reading enough on the one short one I missed.

Far Coley 2

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