BFTA GP6 @Castle Report

I think I’ve mentioned it loads that I love shooting at Castle and no matter how easy I think the course may look, not to be fooled, the wind down there does loads of odd things so you need to be like a chuffing meerkat on the scope.


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The course looked good from walking around taking pictures, nice to see a course that isn’t full of 50yd plus shots, I’m bored of them. Plenty of angles and stuff up tree’s plus a new firing line, always great to see clubs pulling up trees to put something different on. Well done Castle on that, mega effort.

Both sessions were packed so this was going to be long one time wise, Lane 1, feeder B with another feeder behind us, this was going to be stacked and going last meant I had to focus on my game and not let me people rush me. It was just under 30 minutes before I sat down to take my shots and my focus was all over the place, I knew the first 7 lanes were probably the hardest because of the wind cutting across from the back field.

First one down but the second landed spot-on at 6, dink! That’s the way it went on the long ones for the first 7 lanes, I just couldn’t get them right and it was really pissing me off because I wasn’t missing by much but nothing I did seemed to make much difference.I couldn’t come off with a C grade score and I knew I could get a good score on a course like this one.

Wasn’t to be though and I was losing focus and just couldn’t find my groove, some days that’s the way it goes, I’d been on the course for nearly 4.5hrs and I’d had enough. I should have done loads better but the focus and will had gone.

The new jacket needs a load more breaking in as well, the chaffing after all those hours was a bit uncomfortable and I managed to lose a button but I figure after a month it will be broken in and a tad more.

So to conclude, I should have been coming off with 41 but was lucky the scrape a B Grade score of 33. The fight back continues.

Castle 2

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