GP Grade Chat 6

Great to see Baby Keith make it to the top of the pile and shoot off against Neil, it’s a shame Jack doesn’t do the PM sessions because he’d have picked up a tonne more badges from me if he did. Great to see our Andy up there as well, I know he’s not been that into it for a while. A real shame that young Red didn’t get in the 100% as well, he really needed one for that possible 2nd position.

When the Murph is fire he’s on fire, great score and coming off the back of his Euskadi win, well done Nick. Andy did well after all the stress he was under and he makes for a great shooting partner, great skills for someone who only shoots once a week. Great to see Dangerous Bri back in the mix and kicking arse for the PoP Heads, all we need now is Yoeri back! He can still take the title but Kev thinks he’s got it covered off, I don’t think so.

PoP supporter Scott put in an amazing score but if you notice most of the scores in B shot the easy morning session, bandits! Fantastic to see Adrian take 3rd and finally get in the medals, he’s been close a couple of times now and with scores about to be dropped he could have done enough to take the title. I don’t think I’ve done enough to stay in the top 10 this year, those 3 bad GP’s have done me but with 2 to go, who knows.

Phil was 1 of winning again, so well done to Mike on getting a mega 39. Martin isn’t too far behind with a 37 but has Phil done enough to lift the title? In short, no he hasn’t with two to go it’s all to play for. I’m so hoping he does it after all this time in C, we’ve finally got him to listen to some sound advice.

There are only 5 targets difference between the top 3 in the Piston overall league and with Bri scoring top again along with Mark, I think he may have just done enough but Steve is very capable and so is John, proper close one.

I think that score from Ian probably seals the deal, Tony wasn’t too far behind and it could all be down to the scores dropped and Tony is looking in a better position. No idea what a bandit like Shaun is doing shooting Open but he’s probably too scared to wreck his grade!

Look at the top 4, Jack is only 1 behind Ian and Red is only 2 behind Neil, this one is also going the wire, can Jack do the double?