MFTA Summer League 5: Purley Chase 2017

I love shooting at Purley Chase, it’s a fantastic ground and I’m always super relaxed there for some reason, it would make a cracking GP ground if it had the parking. Often you’ll hear people say that Field Target is mostly technique, for me, it isn’t. If I’ve got something running around my head or I’m not in the mood, well, I may as well pack up. Like the waiting time at Castle last week, for example, stuff like that can do my head in and I really need to get over that.


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Lane 12 with Phil “The Kill” Green, Phil’s been in the best form I’ve ever seen him in at the moment and he’s 3 targets in front of me in the visitor’s competition. I was planning for that to change today and smash him into the ground. We both started well but I missed a short one by risking an edge and the wind switched, I should have just gone down the middle! I missed the long pigeon up the hill because I just couldn’t get comfortable on it, I should have stopped and started again but I’d let Phil in. He was doing well until the backend of the course but he missed a couple and then double dinked a lane.

With the long walk back to lane 1 for the standers I knew I needed at least one of them but with the shoulder ringing like mad, I knew I’d struggle with them being uphill. I missed both standers at nine o’clock, gutted I need at least one of them but Phil decided to copy me and that’s when I knew if I took my time, did what Gilly told me, I’d be smashing Phil because Phil is good at standers and when he misses them his head goes down.

I kept my focus and cleared the rest except for one more long stander, I should have had it as well but I’ll settle for a 35/40 and take the 89%. Adding that to my last 5 shoots has me shooting off 77% and back in B Grade after my shockingly poor run, which I know hope is behind up, I just need two good GP scores to round off the season.

Purley 2

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