MFTA Summer League 6: Kinver 2017

Shaun Shore taking another excellent Field Target shot!

You know, a lot of people are going to criticise Kinver but my view is you have to start somewhere and it wasn’t that bad a start really. The club has a lot going for it and even if it is a long drive for Phil and I, I would go there again.


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What surprised me more is a number of people who said they lived 10-20 minutes aways and didn’t help set out on Saturday. Think on that while you’re moaning next time lads!

Kinver 3

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Phil spent most of the drive down sleeping, I drank tea and listened to the radio, I was looking forward to seeing the new club, I love new places to shoot and it’s good for the sport that new people are coming onboard. I’ll always drive to a new place and give it my support, look at Thurlaston for a positive model

Not sure if we’d have found the club from the postcode and was just about to fire up Google maps to get us the last mile, it’s a handy tip that’s helped us a couple times. Always worth dropping a pin on the map the night before but before I could fire it up Stodders went past and guided us in. One thing about parking in a massive field says to me is this: Could hold a GP!

The club is in wonderful grounds with a large open area leading to a woods at the end, the sun was belting down with just a hint of wind cutting across the grounds. Sure the plinker need a bit of work but see paragraph 1 for the reason.


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Lane 14, reducer and 53yder for starters, gulp, Phil nail the reducer but missed the long one, this was my chance to get an early lead on him for the visitor’s cup. The reducer went down but the 53yder didn’t, I’d hit it smack in the middle and could see the mark on. So, for the 3rd time ever I called the target, long story short I called a couple and so did others. This didn’t help me get into much of a groove, nor did missing the first set of standers with a mis-trigger and massive wobble, disappointing, to say the least. I did let the lack of groove get to me, even Nick Murphy told me to cheer up!

I had a quick neb at the cards and saw Phil was 1 in front, time to buckle down and stop letting the slow movement get to me. It worked and I managed to pull my focus back. Phil still won by 1 target but I was 100% I wasn’t giving him another target or the visitors cup.

OK, so there was a few problems but that’s not usual for a new club and the MFTA need to get more people down on Saturday to help new clubs get a good start. Would I go again? Yes, I’d drive to Kinver anytime there’s a shoot, it’s a great ground with a lot of promise.

I’m still shooting off 75.49% for my last 7 shoots with 5 crappy scores to replace in my rolling 16, I’m pretty pleased with my progress but there’s loads more work to do. My shoulder has finally started to settle down but I’m still not doing any standing practice because there’s no way I’m going back to the pain I was in.

Kinver finish

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