Field Target: It Grinds My Gears #6

Field Target - It Grinds My Gears

Field Target & Moaning sitting in a tree…

I don’t think I’ll ever get use’t the level of moaning in Field Target, I thought I could go some but man these guys go up to 11. I often stare into the distance and just sagely nod my head as I listen to how “they’d” do things. The problem is, they don’t do anything ever and moaning about shit doesn’t actually mean you’re involved.

I like it when they moan about rules they haven’t actually read, it’s my favourite thing, it really is. The classic is “well it doesn’t say it in the rules” – sure, but it also doesn’t say you can’t use a telescopic 55yd long barrel either clown shoes. I’m a strong believer in the spirit of the sport and if it feels wrong then it often is, you don’t need to go looking for loop holes, just spend that time practicing you twonk!