MFTA Summer League 7: Castle 2017

Sue Swift at Castle knocking them over

So that’s the MFTA Summer league over and ending it at Castle is a fine place to put a full stop. Castle always looks do-able but the wind is always tricky as the wind sneaks in off both fields and through the paths cut through the woods. I’ve been caught out many a time here and no doubt today would be the same. The drive down was pretty funny, don’t think I’ve ever seen so many Mamil’s (Middle aged men in Lycra) before.


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All I had to do today was put a good score in to lift the Visitors Cup, Phil is shooting increasingly better on every outing and I’ve got to up my game a fair amount now he’s finally made it out of C Grade. He was super chuffed with his Grand Prix win and I can’t blame him. He’s finally started listening to some advice and it’s paid off.

Check out his video here, he was super nervous making this but he was really grateful for all the support he’s got on PoP. Thank you for that.

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Looking at the first few lanes it felt like it was going to be a long one to finish the season on. It didn’t feel like there was much wind so I stayed inside right on the first target, dink, 9 O’clocked it. The second target was a long one, 6 O’clocked that! Not the best of starts Martin. After practicing with Andy on Saturday I didn’t have much confidence in my range finding as he’d sown the seeds of doubt on a couple of targets. I had 2yds difference to Andy but I was still knocking them down. This made me doubt some targets and going low on the second didn’t help. So, I checked and I rechecked everything before the doubt subsided as they started to go down.

The course wasn’t as long as it looked really, someone at Castle would make an excellent course setter for HFT, I had to triple check a couple of targets because there was no way they looked that close to the eye. I stuck with checking everything at least 4 times (Thanks Gilly) and trying to relax and breathe properly.

The plan started to come together and they started to fall, I even got 75% on my kneelers and standers but I was disappointed to miss the long kneeler up the tree. I manage to miss just 9 targets for a 79% putting my last 10 shoots average at 74%, just 5 bad scores to replace in my rolling 16 and I should be back where I started before all my problems. That, dear reader, feels pretty darn good.

Castle 2

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