BFTA Masters 2017 Report

Neil Hague, BFTA Masters Winner.


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The thing about Phil is he never listens until it’s too late, I’ve been trying to get him to slow down for years, at The Masters he was doing both targets in under a minute. I had to remind him the Showdown was tomorrow. I love the Masters format because it lasts all day and two course gives you a chance to learn what the course is actually doing. I’d like to see a Winter Masters if I’m honest about it.

All I wanted from today was a couple of B Grade scores and that was it, not much to ask for but often difficult at Castle. I’d walked the courses early in the morning and I knew that Neil or Ian would be clearing or 29’ing both courses so I couldn’t be home to Uncle Phukup this weekend. With Castle being so close to NEFTA you pretty much know that some will clear or just drop one because that’s pretty much what happens every single weekend.

Masters 2

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I started off well but I always struggle on the M1 side of Castle because of white out on the Sightron, misranged a couple and got the wind wrong on a couple more, that let Phil in and put him one ahead but the competition was on. The white course was a tough old course but I only missed one stander so that was something to be pleased about but Phil was inching forward as we swung around the corner, in the end, he did me 23/21 on the white course and 24/21 on the yellow course. That’s two of his best ever scores on a 30 target course, I was chuffed for him and the daft grin on his face seemed to confirm he was pretty pleased as well. I really enjoyed the days shooting and there was some top shooting going on if you missed just 5 out of 60 targets you didn’t even get in the top 10!

You can check the scores out HERE

Castle 3

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