BFTA Showdown 2017

Nathan going for the win in the Showdown.


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I bloody love the Showdown, the one lesson we can all learn from it is that your first instinct is usually correct. I often choose to ignore this lesson over and over again, I’m not sure why. The other thing about the Showdown is can level the playing field because it’s so easy to let it get under your skin and slip away.

First round I’m against the mountain of field target that is Dan Eley, now, normally I’d say I’ve got a chance but hey you never know. Dan was on form and kicked my arse straight in The Plate, why do I never get an easy path to round 3, ever!

As the names came in it was becoming very clear that I could be facing Andy again, last I shot my skin off against him but lost 16/20 to him. Turns out Andy had been knocked into The Plate by Ian Furness, this sounds unusual but Andy had been shooting other peoples guns all weekend as his 900 and EV2 are both down at the moment. Crap, I thought but here’s a chance to knock him out.

We both started well, taking the first 4 targets out before we hit a couple of long ones, Andy missed them both. This was it, my chance. I missed the first but got the second, I was 1 up, mega! Take that you ginger prince!

I got the next 2 before we pulled up at the two standers up the trees, to my surprise Andy missed both, he actually timed out the second one because he didn’t cock the gun properly. This was it, man I was sweating. I guessed the distance on both targets, 30 and 35, dropped the mag and took my minute. They both went down. Shit!

I was 2 up and Andy had just missed target 14, 3 up, surely I could hold this. Nope, I missed the next two, I was giving off so much heat my scope fogged over. Dang, I tried to keep focussed but the wind had me on a couple.

The last lane, Andy did both of them so that meant I couldn’t miss either of them for the win, all I had to do was hit both of them, for the love of sweet baby Jesus, please let this happen. First one went down, plenty of time on the 2nd, the wind was howling off the field, I gave it half a kill and that’s where it landed. Shite, shoot off.

Martin's Showdown Score CardWith a large crowd gathering around I could feel people willing me on but I knew Andy would get at least one them and so he did. This was it, my final chance. Dink, Dink. Gutted but fair play to Andy.

I don’t think I’d have taken much pleasure out of beating him with someone else gun, it’s pretty much like the one time I beat him on the Silli’s.

Still, I’d enjoyed my 2 rounds, I just hope one day to get to the 3rd!

PS still can’t believe I let that slip out of my hands, I should have ragged his nest.

Showdown 7

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