MFTA Winter League 1 Castle 2017


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On Saturday I helped put out the course at Castle, it gave me the fears a bit because it seemed at the time overly long and the wind was blowing like mad across the grounds. It surprising how long courses can look when your not on the bag but either way this looked like no cakewalk. Castle wind is a bit special, in certain places, it flicks all over the place and the open paths trick you into thinking there’s more wind than there actually is, never easy but still a great place to shoot. I was just hoping I wasn’t starting on Lane 1 because those first 5 lanes looked well tough.


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Luckily I landed on Lane 6, for a reducer and long one, it didn’t matter though my new positive PMA and resetting mode was working out just fine for me lately, so I’m sticking with it and completely focussing on the job in hand. It’s a brilliant feeling when they started falling, classic Castle wind though, I started magging just beyond the target to see what the wind was doing and this helped me no end until I reached the top M1 corner, I missed a kneeler and then the long bird, I switched edges and it took me even further left, even though everything was telling me the complete opposite, if I took the same shot again I don’t think I would have come out a full kill to the right. Must admit I get the fears in the top corner, it’s so difficult to read at times but head down I wasn’t letting Phil in, no way, because I knew Neil Hague would clear it today and I need a good score for my grade. I held on missing just 1 more stander and a long rat that I either gave too much to or not enough, it was hard to tell as the target was absolutely battered.

All in all, that was a good day down at Castle, walking away with another 80% but that’s going to be the story of this W/L. Neil will be clearing in NEFTA and Gilly/Ozzy will be doing the same in MFTA so hoping for a percentage hike due to their misses is pretty much out of the window. My new plan seems to be working well and all I have to do now is stick to it and stay focused. What a difference 8 months make eh reader! No more writing up like woe is me and more of “I pumped Phil” all season 🙂

Neil Hague cleared it

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